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Re: [Libreboot] GNU libreboot - documentation and build system needed

From: Niall Dooley
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] GNU libreboot - documentation and build system needed
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 14:06:53 +0000

Hi Francis,

I'd be happy to help out with this. In fact, I've been looking for ways I could help the project as I'm only beginning to learn some programming skills and obviously not at any level to contribute technically yet. I would too need to learn texinfo which I'm happy to do. I'm already learning GNU Emacs which I believe has a texinfo mode which may help in this regard. I can look into how to use the other tools like make also.

Did you have a deadline for this work in mind? If you do then I could gauge how much effort is required on my part and how much time I need to set aside for this work. I will be travelling home on the 16th Dec for two weeks and so would have these two full weeks where I could dedicate a large part of my time to this work. Between now and the 16th I could do as much as I could with work commitments etc.

I am having an issue with my (X60s) machine at the moment which I may contact you about separately if that is okay and if I'm unable to resolve it myself.




On 23 November 2015 at 09:59, Francis Rowe <address@hidden> wrote:
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Is there someone willing to help with the
transition? I'm learning texinfo whenever possible, but it's slow
going. The docs are in texinfo now, but in separate files (converted
from HTML using pandoc, and need manual cleanup). I want to put it all
in 1 texi file, so that it can be compiled in the same way as most GNU
software (eg all on 1 page, or on multiple pages) using the gnulib

I'm also learning how to properly use make, autoconf and so on, but
need help there. The build system is pretty mature already, it just
needs to conform properly to GNU standards.

The work is outlined on
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