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[Libreboot] Libreboot r20150126

From: The Gluglug
Subject: [Libreboot] Libreboot r20150126
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:39:03 +0000
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Release 20150126

Release date: January 26th, 2015.
Binaries (right-click save as, or use wget)

Source code (right-click save as, or use wget)

Installation instructions can be found at install/index.html#flashrom.
Building instructions (for source code) can be found at
Machines supported in this release:

    Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s
        You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and
replace it with an X60/X60s motherboard. An X60 Tablet motherboard
will also fit inside an X60/X60s.
    Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with digitizer
        See hcl/index.html#supported_x60t_list for list of supported
LCD panels
        It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have it's mainboard
replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard.
    Lenovo ThinkPad T60 (Intel GPU) (there are
issuesinstall/x200_external.html; see below):
        See notes below for exceptions, and
hcl/index.html#supported_t60_list for known working LCD panels.
        It is unknown whether a T61 can have it's mainboard replaced
with a T60 motherboard.
        See future/index.html#t60_cpu_microcode.
        T60P (and T60 laptops with ATI GPU) will likely never be
supported: hcl/index.html#t60_ati_intel
    Lenovo ThinkPad X200
        X200S and X200 Tablet are also supported, conditionally; see
        ME/AMT: libreboot removes this, permanently.
    Apple MacBook1,1 (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A)
        See hcl/index.html#macbook11.
    Apple MacBook2,1 (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A,
MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A)
        See hcl/index.html#macbook21.

Updates (relative to r20150124)

This is a bug fix release based on r20150124 from two days ago. It
contains a few small changes:

    grub.cfg: hardcode the list of partitions to search (speeds up
booting considerably. GRUB regexp isn't very well optimized)
    Docs (x200.html hcl): Remove incorrect information
    Documentation (bbb_setup.html): Fix typos
    build-release: delete ich9fdgbe_{4m,8m}.bin files from ich9gen
        These were accidentically included in the r20150124 release.
They are generated from ich9gen so it's ok, but they don't need to be
in the archive.
    Documentation (grub_cbfs.html): Looping in libreboot_grub.cfg (Add
notes about it if the user copied from grub.cfg in CBFS.)
    Documentation: refer to Guix as GNU Guix System Distribution or
GNU GSD per advice from the Guix project.

Changes for this release (latest changes first, earliest changes last)

    Documentation: added information about how to boot Guix GNU/Linux.
    grub.cfg: Added (usb0) and (usb0,*) to the list of devices in the
Search for GRUB menuentry (this is needed for Guix GNU/Linux)
    grub.cfg: Added (ahci1) to list of devices for ISOLINUX parser
(CD/DVD) (this is needed for the X200 docking station).
    grub.cfg: ISOLINUX parsing is now done on all USB partitions.
    grub.cfg: Automatically switched to /boot/grub/libreboot_grub.cfg
on a partition, if it exists.
    libreboot_bin: added static ARM binaries for flashrom, cbfstool,
ich9gen and ich9deblob (tested on beaglebone black).
    Flashrom: removed redundant Macronix flashchip definitions (for
X200 owners).
    Flashrom: added whitelist for ThinkPad X200.
    X200: fixed uneven backlight (at low levels)
    ich9macchange (new script, uses ich9gen): for changing the default
MAC address on X200 ROM images.
    ich9gen: added capability to change the default MAC address (and
update the checksum)
    ich9deblob: added new utility ich9gen: this can generate a
descriptor+gbe image without a factory.rom dump present.
    Modified ich9deblob to use a struct for Gbe, documenting everything.
    Massively updated the ich9deblob utility: re-factored everything
    Enabled cstates 1 and 2 on macbook21. This reduces idle heat /
power consumption.
    buildrom-withgrub: disabled creation of *txtmode*.rom for X200
(only framebuffer graphics work)
    Updated SeaBIOS (again)
    docs/install/index.html#flashrom_x200: improve instructions
    Updated flashrom (again) - patches updated
    Updated GRUB (again)
    Updated coreboot (again)
    build-release: not all files were copied to libreboot_src. fix that.
    build-release: include cbmem (statically compiled) in libreboot_bin
    Documentation (X200): added software-based flashing instructions
    Documentation: remove all references to the bus pirate (replaced
with BBB flashing tutorials)
    New board: ThinkPad X200S and X200 Tablet support added to libreboot
    build: automatically find board names (configs) to build for
    New board: ThinkPad X200 support added to libreboot
    coreboot-libre config (all boards): enable USB dongle log output
(for BeagleBone Black)
    cleandeps: actually clean grubinvaders
    .gitignore: add powertop directory
    cleandeps: clean i945-pwm utility
    scripts (all): fix typos
    Documentation: general cleanup.
    builddeps-flashrom: reduce build commands to a single for loop
    scripts (all): replace unnecessary rm -rf with rm -f
    powertop.trisquel7: remove sudo (script already checks if the user
is root)
    docs/release.html: add lenovo g505s to the list of candidates
    .gitignore: add libreboot_bin.tar.xz and libreboot_src.tar.xz
    libreboot_bin.tar.xz: Include utils as statically linked binaries
        This means that the user does not have to install build
dependency or build from source anymore.
    deps-trisquel: Add binutils-source
    powertop.trisquel7 (new): Setup powertop on trisquel 7

x60flashfrom5,powertop.trisquel6: check if user is root
    deps-trisquel: Make GRUB build on in Trisquel 7 x86_64. (cross
compile dependencies. fixes build error in GRUB)
    deps-parabola (removed) Remove Parabola dependencies script. Will
re-add later (properly tested)
    grub.cfg: Add more path checks to isolinux parser (more ISOs
should work now)
    Update SeaBIOS
    x60flashfrom5 (new), for X60 users upgrading from 5th/early release
    Update flashrom
    Update GRUB
    Updated coreboot-libre
        i945: permanently set tft_brightness to 0xff (fixes bug on X60
where turning up brightness at max would make it loop back to low
    getcb: Revert X60/T60 to legacy backlight controls
        The ACPI brightness patches were abandoned and obsolete.
    grub.cfg: Only load initrd.img if it exists. Add rw to linux line
(for ProteanOS)
    build: Only generate the GRUB configurations once (re-use on all
    Only build 2 GRUB payload executables, re-use on all boards.
    resources/utilities/grub-assemble/ Use GNU BASH
    resources/utilities/grub-assemble/ Use GNU BASH
    scripts (error handling): Replace exit with exit 1 (make debugging
    Move most files in CBFS to GRUB memdisk, except grub.cfg and
        This reduces the space used in CBFS because coreboot
compresses its payloads with LZMA by default. grub.cfg is all that
most users will want to modify, which remains in CBFS.
    docs/release.html Add DMP vortex86ex to list of candidates.
    docs/release.html Add ThinkPad X201 to list of candidates.
    New links added to docs/security/x60_security and
    lenovobios_secondflash: Warn if BUCTS is not present. (not a
dealbreaker. Can just pull out nvram battery/coin).
    lenovobios_firstflash: Fail if BUCTS fails. (anti-bricking precaution)
    Removed obnoxious warnings from flashing scripts, improved
documentation instead.
    scripts (all): add proper error checking (fail fast, fail early.
Do not continue if there are errors)
    buildrom-withgrub: rename image to boardname_layout_romtype.rom
    buildrom-withgrub: don't move cbfstool, execute directly
    resources/utilities/grub-assemble: add French Dvorak (BEPO)
keyboard layout.
    Documentation: add docs/hardware/x60_keyboard.html (show how to
replace keyboard on X60/X60T)
    Documentation: major cleanup (better structure, easier to find things)
    docs/release.html: Remove Acer CB5 from list of future candidates.
        Too many issues. Chromebooks are crippled (soldered
RAM/storage/wifi) and have too many usability issues for the libreboot
    docs/gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html Major cleanup. Usability improvements.
    hocs/gnulinux/encrypted_trisquel.html: Fixed mistakes/typos.
General improvements
    flash (flashrom script): remove boardmismatch=force
        This was put there before for users upgrading from libreboot
r5 to r6, but also allows the user to flash the wrong image. For
example, the user could flash a T60 image on an X60, thus bricking the
machine. It's almost certain that most people have upgraded by now, so
remove this potentially dangerous option.
    Documentation: update compatibility list for X60T LCD panels.
    docs/release.html: add note about X60 Tablet board in X60/X60s
    docs/howtos/grub_boot_installer.html: small corrections
    docs/howtos/grub_boot_installer.html: improved readability, fixed
html errors
    Documentation (macbook21 related): clean up
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