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Blocking Yury Norov from libc-alpha

From: Joseph Myers
Subject: Blocking Yury Norov from libc-alpha
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 13:21:41 +0000
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Yury Norov is persistently wasting glibc developers' time by posting 
low-quality patches that ignore feedback on previous versions and with 
misleading claims of testing that do not actually mean testing with the 
glibc testsuite with no failures caused by the patch.  The most recent 
example was <>, 
with a claim of testing when as Andreas noted the patch doesn't even 
build, but there have been plenty of previous examples.

I propose that either now, or if there are any future such submissions 
with misleading claims of testing or quietly ignoring previous feedback, 
we ask overseers to block Yury Norov from posting to libc-alpha for a 
month, with increased length of block if the problems continue after that.  
(Also, personally, I don't intend to do any detailed review of any of his 
patches until after glibc 2.26 is out at least.)

Joseph S. Myers

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