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Error - Building Time

From: Naghizodeh,T.A-H
Subject: Error - Building Time
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 22:24:58 +0430


as i following building instruction, faced some problems:



$ autoreconf -i

$ mkdir test build

$ cd test/

$ ../configure --enable-l4 --host=i686-pc-viengoos-gnu \




   //  this configuration successfully finished with two warning

  //   warning  -  Unrecognized Options  :   --enable-tests


$make check


  //  first the compilations process got terminated ,

  //  compile process stopped since it couldn't find one header file

  //  at  ../../libviengoos/viengoos

  //  i temporary fix this problem but there are still some problems


  //  the  i found that in directory="test/libviengoos"

  //  at Makefiles , there has been used  variable $(INCLUDES) but never

  //  assigned value .


$cat <dir>/test/libviengoos/Makefile | egrep '^INCLUDES'

   //      but no result founded


   //after i called '$make check' the process show this messages on

   // screen




make[2] : Leaving direcotry '<DIR>/test/libviengoos'

make check-TESTS

make[2] : Entering directory '<DIR>/test/libviengoos'

Checking VG_ADDR.. ok.

t-addr: ../../libviengoos/t-addr.c:52: main: Assertion '(P_ & (( 1 <<

(63 - d_)) - 1)) == 0' faild.

checking vg_addr_extend.. /bin/sh: line 5: 3406            (core

dumped) ${dir}$tst

FAIL: t-addr


PASS: t-addr-trans

Checking RPC... ok

PASS: t-rpc


1 of 3 tests failed

Please report to address@hidden



   //As i saw the <dir>/test/libviengoos/Makefile ,

   //At Line 470 :

                  if $(TESTS_ENVIRONMENT) $${dir}$$tst; then \


   // I searched for TEST_ENVIRONMENT , but it didn't assigned value before.




i didn't know what goes wrong ,

I'm using fedora Linux and standard i686

stabled programs.


give me some tips,




Naghizodeh ,T.A-H



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