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Some Mistakes at StarUp

From: Naghizodeh T.,A-H
Subject: Some Mistakes at StarUp
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 21:21:44 +0430

Hi there,
I used qemu and Grub Legacy (floppy disk image) for running kernel with
it's modules 
I follow mostly from the instruction on README
when i try to boot on grub i saw this , it's seem the kernel going to
starting , but ,it doesn't .
system stop by give me this log file on the screen (i'd typed them) 
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:54: Booting an x2 Kernel.
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:70: Sigma0: Low 0x20000, Hight 0x29524, IP
0x20000, SP 0x0
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:75: Root: Low 0x400000, Hight 0x4d40cc, IP
0x400000, SP 0x0
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 1: Type shared(4)/0, Low 0x0,
Hight 0xfffffffffffffc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 2: Type conventional(1)/0, Low
0x0, High 0x9f000
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 3: Type arch(15)/2, Low
0x9f400, High 0x9fc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 4: Type arch(15)/2, Low
0xf0000, High 0xffc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 5: Type conventional(1)/0, Low
0x100000, High 0x7ffcc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 6: Type arch(15)/2, Low
0x7ffd000, High 0x7fffc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 7: Type arch(15)/2, Low
0xfffffffffffc0000, High 0xfffffffffffffc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memory Map 8: Type shared(4)/0, Low
0xa0000, High 0xefc00
laden (ff0720ff):kip_fixup:93: Memroy Map 9: Type reserved(2)/0, Low
0x800000, High 0x23ffc00
laden (ff0720ff):main:205:Entering kernel at address 0x15a050...

i'm new to your OS, and not read sources till now.
help me figure this out , give me some tips .

Naghizodeh ,T.A-H

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