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Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd

From: Filip Brcic
Subject: Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 11:16:18 +0100
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Дана Wednesday 08 February 2006 10:44, Tom Bachmann је написао(ла):
> Patrick Negre wrote:
> >>Marcus Brinkmann wrote :
> >>You have to bind a view to a
> >
> > If a path to a file contain a non-default branch-translator, the
> > branching must be specified by appending to the node the translator that
> > have to be use. Ex:     "foo.tar.gz:gzip_tr/setup.exe"
> > This make paths globals and unambiguous.
> Someone already came up with this idea. It is actually quite nice, but
> the problem is that POSIX only specifies one reserved character, '/',
> and thus foo.tar.bz2:as_dir is a valid name. So such a file could exist.

Well, it could exist, but it probably will not. If it does exist, the system 
can decide to use foo.tar.bz2:as_dir1, foo.tar.bz2:as_dir2, ... until it 
finds the name that doesn't exist.

> btw, ':' is not a practical separator. I have several files (I did not
> create) on my disk containing ':' in the name.

Yes, I agree. That's why it is good for this use. You can use .as_dir (or .d 
as in vms), but '.' is used a lot and therefore is not a good choice. + 
doesn't look good (you are not adding anything....), - or _ could be ok,...
But that is technicality.

I would like to see foo.tar.bz2 as a simple file when I do ls. And if I do cd 
foo.tar.bz2, then I would like to see it as directory. If that cannot be 
achieved, then it is IMHO better left as file. I can always do mkdir foo ; 
settrans -ca foo /hurd/tarfs foo.tar.bz2 or something like that, to read the 

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