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Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd

From: Patrick Negre
Subject: Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 10:34:28 +0100
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> Marcus Brinkmann wrote :
> You have to bind a view to a name if you want the
> view to be nameable. 

> Tom Bachmann wrote :
> Or how could even new apps exchange file names without 
> abiguity?

I forgot that, you're right.

Proposition (Under the hypothesis that polytyped interface are choosen) :

If a path to a file contain a non-default branch-translator, the branching 
must be specified by appending to the node the translator that have to be 
use. Ex:     "foo.tar.gz:gzip_tr/setup.exe"
This make paths globals and unambiguous.

I don't realize the implementation consequences, but under assumption that 
most file are regular (ie. have only one possible translator) and most path 
are implicitly unambiguous (ex: foo.tar.gz/setup.exe implicitly call a 
dir_capable translator over foo.tar.gz, if there is only one dir_capable 
translator over the file , there is no ambiguity), i think it's not 
impraticable, isn't it ?

Regards, Patrick N.


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