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Re: Version of autoreconf

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Version of autoreconf
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:33:26 +0200

   > It contains to much information, and you might have
   > upgraded/downgraded various programs.  It is always simpler to
   > note what version of a program you are using instead of what
   > version the operating system you are using.

   I disagree with you here.  While it's a good idea to mention the
   versions of the programs you think are relevant to the problem,
   giving a bit more information is always good.  There may be special
   things about it which you don't know about.

I didn't mean that it was completely irrelevant.  But saying "I'm
using Debian GNU/Linux 6.66" isn't as helpful as "I'm using autoconf
2.59 on Debian GNU/Linux 6.66".  Not that I remeber what the OP used
or wrote what he was using.

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