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Re: Version of autoreconf

From: Soren Jonsson
Subject: Re: Version of autoreconf
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:52:49 +0200
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I would like express my thanks for the help from the hurd-l4 community with my 
problem in configuring hurd-l4.

The core problem turned indeed out to be the version of autoconf, but I had to 
install some sw packages as well.

More specificly: I had to install automake-1.9 and autoconf2.50, and after that run 
"ACLOCAL=aclocal-1.9 AUTOMAKE=automake-1.9 autoreconf2.50 -fis "

While running ./configure I had to install TeX (not surprising) and Xfig 
(that's a little more of a surprise) as well.

I got an admonition about to 'call the operating system you're refering to by it's proper 
name "GNU/Linux"' as well. I am well aware of the connection between the GNU 
project and Linux, and frequently uses the moer formal terminology when comunicating with 
less knowlegable people.

I feel however that this would be a bit insulting when mailing to 
address@hidden After all, this mailing list is probably populated with people 
who are well aware of the connection. I therefore used the shorter version 
Debian Linux for convenience.

Another detail: Debian Linux 3.1, or Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 contains a lot of 
information about exactly what versions of the programs I am using.

With my best regards,

Sören Jonsson

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