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Re: Hurd-L4 : Architecture Questions

From: Patrick Negre
Subject: Re: Hurd-L4 : Architecture Questions
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 21:48:01 +0200
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ness, wrote :
> I's because of the system doesn't know about the auth server (well it
> knows about it, because both are a integral part of the system, but this
> would break the design).

 What about the design ? I understand in the L4-Hurd thread that the "trust 
problem" is such big that a cap-server have to be construct. Sush server that 
does'nt break the design too ? The first capabilities protocol did'nt need a 
cap server. Now every single capabilitie call have to pass through the cap 
server. Does'nt it's better if the server acquire trust on a client with lony 
one access to the auth server ? And more, the communications between the 
client and the server will be locale to the processor ( if the 2 process are 
local indeed ), i think that's better for a SMP architecture ( less cache 
synchronisations ).

> >>2.:
> Well, I tried to say that it's no problem for these server to create
> multiple threads. And the kernel (pistachio) will arrange them on the
> multiple processors if available.

I got it, that's fine.

Thanks, Negre Patrick

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