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Re: Hurd-L4 : Architecture Questions

From: NePat
Subject: Re: Hurd-L4 : Architecture Questions
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 19:05:06 +0200
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ness, wrote :
> [I'm not a expert, so be careful]
I'm not an expert also.

> A thread will be able to get a capability from an authentication server so 
> we can implement posix compilant auth. 

OK, the Auth server will garantee servers that the process is "trustable". I'm 
ok with this. My question is : So what the need for Marcus Bringman to manage 
such IPC protocol based on the fact that client are not "trustable" ? Don't 
they juste have to ask the auth server if they want to know about the 
process ?

> 2.:
> Noone says these can't create multible threads and be executed multiple 
I'm not sure to understand. Did you say that core servers can't have multiple 
instance on different processor ? If they can't i think it's a great pain for 
the system : Imagine a set of processors  P1, P2, .. Pn. If there is only one 
instance of the memory server on the system there while be : 
   - challenge for process to access it
   - dificulties to communicate with it 
        ( cause it is on an other Processor -> processor cache is not the same 
        need to communicate through the RAM)
   - lack of time garantees that lead to impossibility of a real time system


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