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Re: No luck with libc compilation - missing l4/arch.h file (?)

From: B. Douglas Hilton
Subject: Re: No luck with libc compilation - missing l4/arch.h file (?)
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 08:07:31 -0500
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Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

Sure.  If you really want to get us ahead of where we have already
been a zillion times though, it would be nice if you could work out
how to get proper "make install-header" targets with automake, so that
we can have a clean and proper bootstrap procedure without dirty tricks.
It can't be much that is required to get this working properly.

I am also running into the arch.h issues while attempting to build libc for hurd-l4, and I am considering working on building the cross-toolchain environment (I'm in Gentoo now so I don't have the cheap cross-compiler anymore). But anyways, I read your message above and figured I'd take a crack at the install-headers target and here's how I approached it.

Insert this into configure.am before the documentation checks:

# Required for making the install-headers target
AC_CHECK_PROG([CP], [cp], cp :)

Then append the following to the top level Makefile.am:

install-headers: include
   $(CP) -RL include $(prefix)

include: config.status

It is sort of a kludge but it gets the job done. The main problem is that the source include directory doesn't even exist until you run configure, so its hard to specify what to copy since you don't really know in advance.

Hope this helps a bit.
- Doug

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