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Booting Hurd-L4 under qemu

From: Sam Mason
Subject: Booting Hurd-L4 under qemu
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 00:01:09 +0000
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Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
>I use qemu.

Just tried qemu but haven't had as much luck as with bochs.  I've
tried both the latest relased and CVS versions of qemu with the disk
image I was using with bochs to no avail.  P2-mate (on IRC)
reccommended trying compiling Pistachio for an i586 processor.  It
does a little better now and Pistachio boots, but Sigma0 dies with
"s0: no page-size mask" - I'm guessing this comes from Sigma0 as the
binary contains that string!  The IP also verifies this; eip=00041344
when it dies and I get this boot message:

  Sigma0: Low 0x40000, High 0x483a0, IP 0x41950, SP 0x0

Any ideas on what I've got wrong?


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