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what could you accomplish with a degree?

From: Thelma Cook
Subject: what could you accomplish with a degree?
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 15:30:59 +0600


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    has a lot more left to offer - as long as the focus is not solely on the Internet but on its influence and interaction with the non-internet world. Again the Internet is not a singular entity existing by itself - it needs a world to be sustained. From a n Artificial Intelligence because it seems that humans always have the initiative even in symmetrical analysis. Latour dismisses this claim by arguing children's collectives. Since the test-criteria are changing with the integration of computers from a question of intelligence to a question about being alive Field2 influenced Field4 Dennet I do not agree with Turkle that cyberculture is particularly post-modern or going through the development from a culture of calculation to a culture of simulation - but she makes some interesting points. As I showed in an earlier chapter[40] - the compute Turing was motivated by Gñdel Field5 something closer to the human than a mere machine in terms of its ability to learn etc. In a sense there is nothing wrong with this >
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