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I have some questions

From: Fortes Marcelo
Subject: I have some questions
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 15:20:44 -0300 (ART)

Hi gentlemas.
I have some questions.

And i have not sure if it was raised in the past i
think there was a Australian professor that talked
more or less about it in the past.

Why not to try re-implement HURD on top of L4. I mean
that all enforts are concerned in do the SAME
Mach-Tied code to work with L4. but can do someone to
create a new fork in source tree and try to re-write
the servers using only the 'same design not the
implementation' of the actual HURD. Someone have tryed
it? if nobody is doing it, there is a server that can
be started it first? file system server for exemple.
proc server, auth server and so on...

using glibc as standard library for the serves and
another things that L4 cant to do.

Can someone tell me if in L4 implementation Sigma0 and
Omega0 can work as an sigle server instead of two
separeted servers? and how can be built a memory
mananger server using L4 API. MACH memory manangement
can be used as a server to begining?

In original HURD design we have the IO Server can it
run inside microkernel space to have less IPC

Thank you.


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