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Re: IDL4 and state description

From: Andreas Haeberlen
Subject: Re: IDL4 and state description
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:18:20 -0500

Hello Ludovic,

> Version 3 of the CORBA specs [0] allows an IDL file to
> incorporate object state descriptions using the "valuetype"
> keyword, in addition to regular interface descriptions.
> This allows for objects to be passed "by value" from the
> server to a client.
> Is it to be supported by future releases of IDL4?

Value types are a fairly high-level feature, and to implement them,
you need a whole lot of infrastructure on both the server side
(where you have to know what exactly constitutes the state of an
object) and the client side (where you have to create an object
of the same type with a specific state). Given that IDL4 is a stub
code generator and was never intended to be a full-blown CORBA
implementation, I would rather not add this feature unless someone
finds a real problem that cannot be solved efficiently without it.

- Andreas

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