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ANNOUNCE: L4Ka::Pistachio version 0.2

From: Espen Skoglund
Subject: ANNOUNCE: L4Ka::Pistachio version 0.2
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:03:10 +0200

The L4Ka team is pleased to announce the availability of
L4Ka::Pistachio version 0.2.  The version 0.2 release is mostly a bug
fix release to address problems encountered in version 0.1.  Most of
the corrected bugs were located in the user-level bindings.  Apart
from fixing some bugs, the 0.2 release also introduces slight API
changes to the ExchangeRegisters system-call, and adds support for the
Itanium 2 architecture.

L4Ka::Pistachio implements the L4 Version 4 API and currently supports
the following hardware architectures:

   o Intel IA32 (Pentium and higher)
   o Intel IA64 (Itanium1, Itanium2)
   o PowerPC 32bit (IBM 750)
   o Alpha (21164)
   o MIPS 64bit (R4000, R5000)

For more information on L4Ka::Pistachio and the L4 Version 4 API in
general, refer to the L4Ka::Pistachio whitepaper:


L4Ka::Pistachio is available under the two-clause BSD license.  Source
and binary distributions, documentation, and other online resources
can be found on the L4Ka website:


Note that the L4Ka::Pistachio public CVS repository is currently under
re-construction.  The current CVS repository therefore does not yet
incoporate all the changes of the version 0.2 release.

Happy hacking,

   The L4Ka Development Team

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