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Re: UML and the Hurd

From: Espen Skoglund
Subject: Re: UML and the Hurd
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:39:23 +0200

[Juan Alvarez]
> On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 10:32:15PM +0200, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
>> That's a more interesting project IMO (makeing debugging and the
>> like much easier presumably). However, If you are interested in a
>> HURD on top of UN*X, I'd like to suggest a different approach: The
>> HURD will (hopefully) be ported to the L4 microkernel, which will
>> have a usermode port real soon: Udo Steinberg has ported Fiasco (an
>> L4 variant) to usermode. He hasn't really published his results
>> tough,

> is Fiasco a L4 variant or an implementation of L4?

Fiasco (from Dresden) is an implementation of the L4 Version 2 API
(i.e., the latest official "stable" API).  Hazelnut (from Karlsruhe)
is an implementation of the L4 Version X.0 API (i.e., a newer more
"experimental" API).  Pistachio (also from Karlsruhe) is an
implementation of the L4 Version X.2 API.  The X.2 API will eventually
evolve into Version 4 once all the quirks with the X.2 API have been
identified.  As such, Pistachio will eventually end up implementing
the Version 4 API.  I hope that this didn't make you even more
confused.  ;-)

The API that Neal is currently working with for the Hurd/L4 port is
the X.2 (i.e., soon to be Version 4) API.


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