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Re: UML and the Hurd

From: Andreas Rottmann
Subject: Re: UML and the Hurd
Date: 22 Jul 2002 22:32:15 +0200
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BEDO Sandor <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi!
> Does it seem to be very dummy to port the linux kernel
> to the Hurd?  The linux kernel can be compiled with
> ARCH=um to create an elf executable, that can run
> in user space, just like any other processes in linux.
Hmm. I don't know if that has so many benefits, since IMO the HURD is
technically superior to linux.

> Would it a big work to hack the kernel to run under
> the Hurd?  Or what's with the other side: heck the
> Mach to run on linux like a user mode linux kernel?
That's a more interesting project IMO (makeing debugging and the like
much easier presumably). However, If you are interested in a HURD on
top of UN*X, I'd like to suggest a different approach: The HURD will
(hopefully) be ported to the L4 microkernel, which will have a
usermode port real soon: Udo Steinberg has ported Fiasco (an L4
variant) to usermode. He hasn't really published his results tough,
but from what i have heard, he will do so in August. I am quite
interested to take a look on helping porting the HURD to L4 using
Fiasco-UX (the said usermode L4).

Regards, Andy
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