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Re: L4Hurd at Sourceforge

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: L4Hurd at Sourceforge
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 02:49:56 +0200 (CEST)

> > As most of them are compatible it doesn't matter much, however I prefer
> > hazelnut. I already have run it and looked at the code. Fiasco however
> > didn't compile for me. I don't know the opinion of ther people. :)
> It would be nice if the Hurd could run on anything that implements L4.
> Interoperability is the key here, so I think we should endeavor to make
> it run on all of these. My initial question was just to see which ones
> we should put in CVS to get things going.
Personally, I prefer Hazelnut/x86 because it compiled more cleanly on
my *BSD systems using gcc-2.95.2, and because oskit is not _required_
as part of the build. However, I was able to compile fiasco with oskit
as well, after some tweaking, so I tested my small root tasks with both
fiasco and hazelnut with same results.

I don't think that it is absolutely necessary to add fiasco/hazelnut or
oskit (either original/newest from utah or hacked-up at dresden) to
CVS. All of them are still actively maintained by their respective
maintainers and made available through anoncvs, so you'll have to
constantly merge in their changes into 'our' version. If you want to
provide a read-only/mirror version of it, it's okay, but I don't think
that it is worth the trouble. You won't want to make available glibc
(even if _that_ would be needed, at least parts-of it), gcc-3.x, binutils
etc... as well... ;-)

Please consider setting up CVS along the lines I suggested a few mails
ago. Let's discuss this setup, so that we get the best possible layout
for the near and medium future ;-).


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