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L4Hurd at Sourceforge

From: Ian Duggan
Subject: L4Hurd at Sourceforge
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:11:10 -0700


I have created a new project at sourceforge called "l4hurd" aimed at
getting the Hurd to run using the L4 microkernel.


The project has been approved, and I am in the process of putting
together an initial CVS setup for us to work from.

I need some input as to how to arrange the modules, as well as which of
the many L4 variants out there to use. My current thinking is that we
aim to use the fiasco microkernel. Comments?

My thoughts for the modules are:

1) Fiasco Module

   CVSROOT/fiasco/l4      (l4 module from dresden)
          /fiasco/oskit   (oskit module from dresden)
          /fiasco/oskit10 (oskit10 module from dresden)

2) Hurd Module

   CVSROOT/hurd   (Hurd from official CVS)

This would allow us to track development against fiasco and the Hurd on
the import branches for these modules.


1) Is the fiasco kernel the right choice here? We can easily add other
L4 microkernels as modules.

2) Having multiple oskits in the fiasco modules is annoying. How far is
fiasco from being able to use a single oskit version?

3) Is this the correct way to setup CVS? Are there any other


Ian Duggan                    address@hidden

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