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Re: [Koha-devel] Koha Foundation

Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Koha Foundation
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 12:01:52 EST

Greetings... I am back!

There are  lots of computers  that  get tossed here in the US .. A foundation would allow you to approach companies to  set these  in far away places and pick up the freight tab as a donation. Intel and other large US companies also donate stuff...  Bill and Melissa gates foundation donates stuff... although the thought of them donating boxes to run LINUX on might not seem appropriate...

Anyway bottom line...  having a foundation or non profit corp. in the US  you would be able to offer US companies and US citizens tax incentive for helping..

Sad to say ... most of the time if there is no tax incentive they will do nothing.

OK now for the  legal parts...


If you are going to  incorporate in just one country II would incorporate the foundation in what  ever country would offer the best donations, as you will have to be incorporated in that country to offer the citizens the  tax benefit.  The US with the  abundance of  technology stuff here  seems to make sense. But you can also incorporate it in many countries just like you do a corporation for profit.


Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC

See the Museum's Web Site at  www.smecc.org

We are always looking for items to add to the museum's display and ref. library  - please advise if you have anything we can use.

Coury House / SMECC
5802 W. Palmaire Ave.                          Phone    623-435-1522
Glendale Az 85301  USA

I also know many libraries in Africa that could be interested by such
computers, with Koha (server or client -firefox-) installed.

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