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Re: Merging the website branch?

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Merging the website branch?
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2021 13:30:17 +0200
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Hello Ricardo,

I think that the commit history in this case is not that important but can be 
useful. I see only 27 commits in 

I think that it is better to keep the history.


Before integrating the patches and fixes, we're working to merge the website 
branch into master.

But before we proceed to push, we want to know if you have strong opinions 
about the merge strategy: should we squash and merge, or just do a simple 
merge? (it's 96 commits)

It's mostly about the project commit history also having the site changes. For 
us it's not much of an issue, but we wanted to make sure before proceeding.

(to speed this up, in case you don't object to this, just write a quick reply 
saying so)

On 10/8/21 10:07 AM, Ricardo Lafuente via Js-shield wrote:
Hello Libor,

We've re-added the Network Boundary Shield page, as the first link in the wrappers 
section. We want to look closer into it and figure out ways to make it clearer (e.g. have 
a more novice-friendly "How it works" section instead, explaining NBS and other 
details?) but for now it's in.

We're sitting down today to scratch off some of the open TODO's, so expect a 
couple more notices later today.

Cheers :)

On 10/7/21 2:00 PM, Libor Polčák wrote:
Hello Ana and Ricardo,

The website does not show the NBS description, see 

What is the status of the web, can I change the content through git?

Best wishes,


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