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Re: Webpage status

From: Ana Isabel Carvalho
Subject: Re: Webpage status
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 11:21:57 +0100

Hi Michael,

I proposed two changes to the website as well:

- LibreJS compliance is working in my fork https://pagure.io/fork/thomzane/JS-Shield/JS-Shield/tree/website

We've just integrated the LibreJS fork edits (we're now working on master branch :).

Could you please confirm it's all good? Thanks!

- The links have language hardcoded and I have a solution in this issue: https://pagure.io/JS-Shield/JS-Shield/issue/8

This issue is solved; we've just closed it.

Is the website a push model?  If so, I could work on making it pull changes every so often.

It would be great to automate the deploy of the website when there are new commits (from branch master).



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Ana Isabel Carvalho

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