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Re: JShelter permalink?

From: Giorgio Maone
Subject: Re: JShelter permalink?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 13:19:56 +0200
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Thank you, this works just fine!
-- G

On 27/09/21 11:24, Ricardo Lafuente via Js-shield wrote:
> Good morning Giorgio,
> We'll be editing content this week to remove the placeholder stuff,
> but the https://jshelter.org <https://jshelter.org> site should be
> ready to mention. Let us know if there's any glaring omission or
> mistake that you think we should prioritise.
> Cheers!
> On 9/26/21 8:36 PM, Giorgio Maone wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> since I'm going to deliver my final revision of the CSS PP0 paper
>> mitigation chapter on Tuesday, I'd love to reference JShelter there in a
>> way that is as future-proof as possible.
>> Currently I'm still calling it JS Restrictor, pointing to
>> https://github.com/polcak/jsrestrictor/
>> If we already have a permanent URL for JShelter (even if the content is
>> not live yet) that would be great to use, and I'll also switch to the
>> new name.
>> Otherwise please keep the old JS Restrictor repository online, if not
>> else for historical reasons, possibly referencing the new project in its
>> description.
>> Thanks!

Giorgio Maone

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