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Re: JShelter permalink?

From: Ricardo Lafuente
Subject: Re: JShelter permalink?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 10:24:56 +0100

Good morning Giorgio,

We'll be editing content this week to remove the placeholder stuff, but the https://jshelter.org <https://jshelter.org> site should be ready to mention. Let us know if there's any glaring omission or mistake that you think we should prioritise.


On 9/26/21 8:36 PM, Giorgio Maone wrote:
Hi everyone,

since I'm going to deliver my final revision of the CSS PP0 paper
mitigation chapter on Tuesday, I'd love to reference JShelter there in a
way that is as future-proof as possible.

Currently I'm still calling it JS Restrictor, pointing to

If we already have a permanent URL for JShelter (even if the content is
not live yet) that would be great to use, and I'll also switch to the
new name.

Otherwise please keep the old JS Restrictor repository online, if not
else for historical reasons, possibly referencing the new project in its


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