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[Janosik-devel] forgiving horn

From: Connie Lake
Subject: [Janosik-devel] forgiving horn
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:32:30 -0000

But he saw, a block from the church, a new apartment-house, andnear it an excavation.
I think Ill sneak up to Sparta this week, he fumed, then: No! As he spoke Elmer was considering that ifhe was really to loosen up, he could not have Cleo about.
Nothing that the bishop did in these critical days wasnot known. I think Ill take a little walk, he muttered when they reachedhome.
Dear Brother, your lovely sermon last Sunday about Heaven was thefinest I have ever heard.
Fearless attack on all this drinking and this awful seximmorality thats getting so prevalent.
Not only from his pulpit but in scattered halls Elmer campaignedand thundered.
They looked as blank as they could, but their nails creased theirpalms as the bishop rose. What the deucehad he intended to say about communion?
The next Saturday Elmer advertised Is There a Real Devil SneakingAround with Horns and Hoofs? Would Reverend Gantry speak at the Old TownImprovement Association Banquet?
Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life? I heard your rotten old-fashioned sermon last Sunday. Presently he was keeping it altogether; it was a settledthing that they had separate bedrooms.
Rigg,the famous criminal lawyer, a trustee of Wellspring Church. Only,Im afraid my wife has a headache, poor girl. Im not goingto run a soup-kitchen and tell a bunch of dirty bums to come toJesus.
He didlike to have his Christian brethren well heeled. He didlike to have his Christian brethren well heeled.
The newspapers squealed andthe Presbyterians bellowed and the rabbis softly chuckled. There was gleefuland unseemly applause, and Elmer beamed. Her obvious admiration of Elmer convinced the better clericalpoliticians of his domestic safeness.
On Sunday there were seven hundredpresent.
Rigg, as to what fellow-clergymen in Zenith it wouldbe worth his while to know.

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