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[Janosik-devel] euphemistic

From: Thomas Mcneil
Subject: [Janosik-devel] euphemistic
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 05:07:43 +0300

Virey, I dont want to mess up thatroom with all your wifes belongings in there.
We had better confine ourselves to otherriddles than love and age.
Virey hated Ruth aspassionately as he had loved her. Virey, however, had a dread of Adams hugehands.
This silence belied the blinking of the stars. Then it was uphill work on the other side, indefatigable, ceaseless,patient, wonderful.
Like thunder the great sound pealedup the slope.
Heavy and large, it cracked down to thud into the sandand bump out through the brush. This silence belied the blinking of the stars. How easily could Adam strike the chords of her emotion and rouse her toimpassioned speech! The black-and-white globules were seeds of maize. Some ants tried many times and in many ways to grasp thehard little globules. These midsummer days soon made him agaunt, unshaven, hollow-eyed wretch. Virey, her voice rising out of thestrong, sweet melody. There is a very thin line between great love and great hate.
Hes meantto more than once, but when you have come he has been afraid. Im watching these red ants, replied Adam, without looking up.
And, Wansfell, Im filled with pityfor women. Sees howclose he can come to hitting the shack! Then, in my desperation, I dared Virey to hisworst.
Yet when he thought of Magdalene Virey his heartcontracted.
Then, holding her in his arms, heessayed to wade out of the little stream of sliding rocks.

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