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Re: [Jailkit-users] I have no name!

From: Tomi Leppänen
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] I have no name!
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 18:49:47 +0300
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Well that was quick. I was missing /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnss_compat.so.2 and now after issuing one jk_cp command it works like a dream. Thanks a lot.

I didn't know about such debugging tool but I don't write C programs very often.

Missing /etc/shadow is not a problem and it shouldn't be IMHO. As it is only read by root and it doesn't even contain user ids.
 - Tomi

20.06.2012 18:37, Chip Atkinson kirjoitti:
It looks like you don't have /etc/shadow in there.  Maybe that's a

Try running strace and see if that gives you any help:
strace id

It'll show you what files it's trying to open and that often gives
insight into the real problem.


On Wed, 2012-06-20 at 08:10 -0700, Tomi Leppänen wrote:
I have a problem with jailkit. When I login to chrooted user I get
following error message:
groups: cannot find name for group ID 1002
and my prompt looks like this:
I have no address@hidden:~$

whoami, id and groups can't find names and /etc/passwd and /etc/group
seem to be allright.
http://pastebin.com/igYbkaEc (expires in 30 days, I'll post a new one if

It looks like group id and user id don't get associated with their
names. I have some (about five years now) experience in Linux and its
command line but I couldn't figure this out. Why this happens? How could
I fix it or is it a bug?

My setup is Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS (64-bit) and Jailkit build from
source (no package or repository) and version is 2.15. The same happened
on a fresh Virtualbox installation of the same software.

Thank you for your help.
   - Tomi

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