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Re: [Jailkit-users] Jailkit & FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE

From: Peter Veerman
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] Jailkit & FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 14:32:04 +0100
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Sorry for replying at the wrong message but lists.gnu.org ended up in
the spamcop list thus the replies of olivier were not delivered. Now i
have whitelisted the whole domain to prohibit future problems.


Peter Veerman wrote:
>>/ Apart from files being installed in wrong directories (which i have/
>/> fixed with editing the Makefile.in and the configure.ac)/
>should those fixes go into cvs?

I suggest that you create options in your Configure.ac and Makefile.in files 
that allows every distribution to insert/update its own locations for jailkit 

>>/ and a problem/
>>/ with the "make uninstall" option that makes use of a wrong rmdir-flag/
>is there a platform-independent alternative?

AFAIK: No as Freebsd does not have the option at all, while my gentoo box does 
have the option.

>>/ 1. The new location of the jk_init.ini files that is changed in the/
>>/ Makefile.in, is not updated in the executables as jk_init is still/
>>/ looking at /etc/jailkit instead of my /usr/local/etc/jailkit/ location./
>we should make that configurable by ./configure

True, this is (by the way) related to my first question.

>/> 4. I would like to know how the /dev/null /dev/random etc etc devices/
>/> are created by Jailkit as FreeBSD is here going into different business/
>/> than linux as well./
>in CVS they are created by a function copy_device() in jk_lib.py. It
>uses mknod <name> <type> <major> <minor> to create the device. Similar
>to ldd_list_libraries() we can make multiple functions for each platform.

And mknod does no longer works for Freebsd 6.x :) this is replaced by a 
sequence like for example this one:

mount -t devfs dev /data1/chroot/httpd/dev
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 delset
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add hide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add path null unhide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add path zero unhide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add path crypto unhide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add path random unhide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 add path urandom unhide
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 applyset
/sbin/devfs -m /data1/chroot/httpd/dev/ rule -s 9 show


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