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Re: [ipchat-devel] readline in ipchat

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: Re: [ipchat-devel] readline in ipchat
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 13:58:25 +0100
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Hello Daniel, and welcome to this list :-)

It seems you're doing a nice job with ipchat, and thanks for that. You are
so brave messing with the user interface code! hahaha.

When I begun working on the user inferface I thought about readline, but I
wanted ipchat to have as few dependencies as possible. On the other hand,
I'm now working on the use of autoconf/automake, and it would be nice to
use readline when it is available (and still use the current code when
not). Packages for debian and the like should have readline support enabled,
since it's easy to resolve the dependencies there.

I have one question: can you somehow make compatible the use of readline
with the "coloring as you write" feature of ipchat? Or this feature will be
disabled when readline is used?

What I see most interesting about this is tab-completion. It would be
somewhat hard to implement it without readline.

About the "J" problem, it looks like the high-byte of the keycode is being
ignored, so 0x0168 is being converted to 0x0068. Are you maybe using a char
where you should use a short or an int? It's just an idea.

Send the patch to this list when you want to. See you!

El domingo 16 de enero, Daniel Graña dijo:

> hi, I'm working in adding readline support to ipchat
> as you may know, readline have a lot of features like line
> editing, completations and history.
> at the moment i'm having troubles with key bindings, this is funny but
> when i map "end key" to "end-of-line" I get "J" going to end of line
> too. Same with cursor keys.
> J and END have different key code: 104 and 360, that give a 256
> diference. :) that is a know point and looks like "the problem is
> there" but in readline source code i dont find where is the code that
> strip my code to 256 max.
> I'm tired of going in circle so o decide to send you my notes and if you
> are interested in this work i will proceed asking in readline mailing
> list and supporting the code.
> see you later.
> Daniel,.-

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