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[ipchat-devel] readline in ipchat

From: Daniel Graña
Subject: [ipchat-devel] readline in ipchat
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 09:11:13 -0200

hi, I'm working in adding readline support to ipchat

as you may know, readline have a lot of features like line
editing, completations and history.

at the moment i'm having troubles with key bindings, this is funny but
when i map "end key" to "end-of-line" I get "J" going to end of line
too. Same with cursor keys.

J and END have different key code: 104 and 360, that give a 256
diference. :) that is a know point and looks like "the problem is
there" but in readline source code i dont find where is the code that
strip my code to 256 max.

I'm tired of going in circle so o decide to send you my notes and if you
are interested in this work i will proceed asking in readline mailing
list and supporting the code.

see you later.

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