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Re: Signing a message with S/MIME in Gnus?

From: Angel de Vicente
Subject: Re: Signing a message with S/MIME in Gnus?
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 20:51:12 +0000
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Jens Lechtenboerger <> writes:

>> But when I try to sign a message from Gnus I always get a message saying
>> "No sign key for <>; skip it? (y or n)"
> I use this:
> (setq mml-secure-smime-sign-with-sender t)

I already had that, but it looks like the part it was missing was that
the certificate I was using didn't have my e-mail address, so Gnus (via
gpgsm) would not find the right certificate to use. Importing another
certificate where the e-mail address was present solved that problem.

> And more:

That looks great, I'll have a look, becuase my SMIME setting is so far
much worse than my PGP one (my goal was to be able just to sign
messages, so I'll stop here for now, but later I want to make sure I
also get working the encryption/decryption part).

> Your CA links your e-mail address to your public key, both of which
> are recorded inside the certificate.  Gnus cannot do this.  Your
> output did not show whether the certificate really contains the
> e-mail address that you used...

The first certificate I was using didn't. When I used a second
certificate with the mail address in it all was good.

But here is a question. To send messages to this group I use another
e-mail address (which is not present in any of the certificates). There
is no way for me, then, to sign messages to this group with S-MIME?

I was hoping to use "Smime Keys", which according to the documentation
looks like the right way, but my attempts so far were not successful.

| Show Value Smime Keys 
|    Map mail addresses to a file containing Certificate (and private key). Hide
|    The file is assumed to be in PEM format.  You can also associate additional
|    certificates to be sent with every message to each address.

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