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[bug] Weird behavior with sender names.

From: Michael Cadilhac
Subject: [bug] Weird behavior with sender names.
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 22:28:32 +0200
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  Hello !

  I've a weird thing with sender names in summary buffers I can't

  If I load the `smiley' module twice, names displayed in MAIL summary
  buffers are replaced with
          `-> [to]' ([to] is basically my name)

  (Please have a look at

  Any idea ?

    Michael Cadilhac, a.k.a. Micha [mika] |
                    Epita/LRDE promo 2007 |  Please note that you should
  2 rue de la Convention | |  s/address@hidden/@/ my mail 
94270 Le Kremlin Bicetre | |

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