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rescoring does not take new rules in account

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: rescoring does not take new rules in account
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 22:14:19 +0200
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I have made a change to my all.Score file in order to ignore some advice
messages in french groups and I cannot rescore the existing messages.

Twice a month in the fr.*  hierarchy there is one (or several, following
the  group) message that  publishes the  charter of  the group  and some
rules for good usage and/or the faq.

Those messages are crossposted between the given group and another named

Thus, i  would like  to mark-and-expunge  them like I  do with  the spam
messages with the gateway by considering the Xref: header.

I added a rule to the all.Score file :
,----[ all.Score ]
| (("Xref"
|   ("gmane.spam.detected" -1000 nil s))
|  ("Xref"
|   ("gmane.mail.spam.spamassassin.sightings" -1000 nil s))
|  ("Xref"
|   ("fr.usenet.reponses" -1000 nil s))
|  (mark-and-expunge -900))

And i  tried to rescore  the groups that  I already subscribed with  V R
(gnus-summary-rescore), but  the messages  i would like  to rid  are not
rescored and expunged.

Tracing the score (V t) shows  that the all.Score is not involved, while
(gnus-all-score-files) do lists all.Score.

If i try  to trace the score  for an already expunged spam  in a gmane.*
group  i can  see  that the  score is  -1000  and the  trace shows  that
all.Score was used.

I wonder :
- if  the added rule  will only be  considered for the next  messages (i
  guess it will)
- and why i cannot rescore  the existing messages taking the new rule in

Thank you if you can provide some help.

Sébastien Kirche

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