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GNU Typist 2.5 released

From: Michael Opdenacker
Subject: GNU Typist 2.5 released
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 22:45:37 +0100

GNU Typist 2.5: minor feature enhancements

Highlights: Skipping lessons using "ESC", new interface messages in
French, fixes and improvements in lesson files.

NEWS file:

   * Allowed the user to skip an exercise or exit the lesson by pressing
     ESC twice (once to restart and then again at the beginning of the
     exercise to skip)
   * Added new switch --no-skip which prohibits the user from skipping
   * Removed more occurrences of "Q: Press Y to continue, ..."
     following an exercise (because this is builtin since 2.4) in d.typ,
     r.typ, v.typ and esp.typ
   * Removed all occurrences of "Q: Press Y to cont..." following `T:' :
     It doesn't make sense to repeat a T:, the standard message "Press
     Enter to continue." is better (d.typ, v.typ, r.typ)
     (multi-page T:'s are the exception)
   * The last two changes make the lesson-files quite a bit simpler
   * Fixed errors in d.typ and esp.typ (see lessons/ChangeLog)
   * Renamed --wpmode to --word-processor
   * Added interface messages in French (using gtranslator)
   * Spanish interface updated by José Pelegrín <address@hidden>
   * Fixes for undefined symbols errors compiling on Unix systems (such
     as Solaris) when both curses and ncurses are installed.

Our next steps are to implement a GTK graphical interface to make the
program much more attractive. We also plan to ask teachers all around
the world to contribute new lessons under the GNU GPL license.



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