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Bison 1.32

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Bison 1.32
Date: 23 Jan 2002 14:43:49 +0100
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This release is a simple fix of 1.31, plus some updated/new
translations.   (709 kB)  (583 kB)

And here are xdelta-style diffs   (29 kB)

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 signatures for the compressed tar files:

e82867ca1ca34623dc83bbf22ed23a86  bison-1.32.tar.gz
e8d5eda82ffe736582e6c8e6d369d3de  bison-1.32.tar.bz2
381cac43289aabefedc3dd04f724431b5485bdc9  bison-1.32.tar.gz
269aff4d8c5c2a4b02b9213b7693b8e6651cd58f  bison-1.32.tar.bz2


Changes in version 1.32, 2002-01-23:

* Fix Yacc output file names

* Portability fixes

* Italian, Dutch translations

Changes in version 1.31, 2002-01-14:

* Many Bug Fixes

* GNU Gettext and %expect
  GNU Gettext asserts 10 s/r conflicts, but there are 7.  Now that
  Bison dies on incorrect %expectations, we fear there will be
  too many bug reports for Gettext, so _for the time being_, %expect
  does not trigger an error when the input file is named `plural.y'.

* Use of alloca in parsers
  If YYSTACK_USE_ALLOCA is defined to 0, then the parsers will use
  malloc exclusively.  Since 1.29, but was not NEWS'ed.

  alloca is used only when compiled with GCC, to avoid portability
  problems as on AIX.

* When the generated parser lacks debugging code, YYDEBUG is now 0
  (as POSIX requires) instead of being undefined.

* User Actions
  Bison has always permitted actions such as { $$ = $1 }: it adds the
  ending semicolon.  Now if in Yacc compatibility mode, the semicolon
  is no longer output: one has to write { $$ = $1; }.

* Better C++ compliance
  The output parsers try to respect C++ namespaces.

* Reduced Grammars
  Fixed bugs when reporting useless nonterminals.

* 64 bit hosts
  The parsers work properly on 64 bit hosts.

* Error messages
  Some calls to strerror resulted in scrambled or missing error messages.

* %expect
  When the number of shift/reduce conflicts is correct, don't issue
  any warning.

* The verbose report includes the rule line numbers.

* Rule line numbers are fixed in traces.

* Swedish translation

* Parse errors
  Verbose parse error messages from the parsers are better looking.
  Before: parse error: unexpected `'/'', expecting `"number"' or `'-'' or `'(''
     Now: parse error: unexpected '/', expecting "number" or '-' or '('

* Fixed parser memory leaks.
  When the generated parser was using malloc to extend its stacks, the
  previous allocations were not freed.

* Fixed verbose output file.
  Some newlines were missing.
  Some conflicts in state descriptions were missing.

* Fixed conflict report.
  Option -v was needed to get the result.

* %expect
  Was not used.
  Mismatches are errors, not warnings.

* Fixed incorrect processing of some invalid input.

* Fixed CPP guards: 9foo.h uses BISON_9FOO_H instead of 9FOO_H.

* Fixed some typos in the documentation.

* %token MY_EOF 0 is supported.
  Before, MY_EOF was silently renumbered as 257.

* doc/refcard.tex is updated.

* %output, %file-prefix, %name-prefix.

* --output
  New, aliasing `--output-file'.

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