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ANNOUNCE: GNU Chess 5.06 released

From: Simon Waters
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GNU Chess 5.06 released
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:32:28 +0000
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What is GNU Chess?

GNU Chess is a free chess-playing program developed as part of
the GNU project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

GNU Chess is a communal chess program. Contributors donate their
time and effort in order to make it a stronger, better, sleeker
program. Contributions take many forms: interfaces to
high-resolution displays, opening book treatises, speedups of
the underlying algorithms, additions of extra heuristics. These
contributions are then distributed to the large user-base so
that all may enjoy the fruits of our labor.

GNU Chess is written in C and should be portable to most general
purpose computers.

What is new in GNU Chess 5.06?

        * The computer will think in the opponents time (easy/hard).

        * Analysis mode has been implemented,allowing use of GNU Chess for
analysis with programs that utilise the Winboard analysis protocol
(primarily Winboard and Xboard), and also with some other programs (SCID).

        * The program now works with icsdrone, allowing it to play online at
more chess servers (Winboard/Xboard Zippy mode was already supported).

        * The opening book may be stored in /usr/share/games/gnuchess/book.dat

        * The program implements additional command line options
          { help, version, hashsize }

        * hints are now available whilst still in the opening book.

Where can I get GNU Chess 5.06?

The source code is available at in
file gnuchess-5.06.tar.gz

A copy of the source is also available at

Where can I learn more ?

More about GNU Chess, it's opening book, and graphical user
interfaces may be found on the GNU project website.

Where next with GNU Chess?

GNU Chess 5 is still actively being developed. Planned for 5.07 are
enhanced PGN parser, configuration file, and additional control over the
playing style.

Thanks to the many people who have contributed improvements and
suggestions for this release.

Supported Platforms - 5.06

GCC is the supported compiler, other C compilers should work.
5.06 introduces a dependence on Posix threads.

GNU Chess 5.06 has been tested on;

Redhat Linux 7.0
Debian Woody (i386 and PPC)
HP-UX 11.11 with HP ANSI C and GNU GCC compilers
HP-UX 11.22 with GCC
TRU64 5.1b with Compaq C compiler
FreeBSD 4.7 (Alpha)
Solaris 2.5 and 2.7 with GCC
MS Windows (Windows 98 using Cygwin)

We have reports of minor issues with build process on HP-UX 11.22 with
HP ANSI C compiler, and with AIX builds.

We have reports of successful builds using other compilers on Microsoft

(I have reports of 5.05 compiling for DOS and OS/2 using EMX, and builds
and interfaces for IPAQ's being available).

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