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Re: CVS files merging procedure

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: CVS files merging procedure
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 09:21:09 -0800

"abhay mehta" <address@hidden> wrote in message

I am using CVS version 1.11.14 on Suse Linux 9.1 to manage my project. Two
programmers are working on this project. I have few problems/queries related
to project merging:

<snipped ugly merging procedure>

My queries are:

1. Why CVS allowed merging, even when old file dtd. 19 Nov 2005 (of PB) was
updated on file dtd. 20 Nov 2005 (of PA). Whether it checks file timestamps
or not?

No, CVS doesn't care about the timestamps.  Timestamps have absolutely no
effect on the source code content, so there is no reason for the timestamps
to even be considered.

2. Is there any problem is merging procedure and if any, what should be the
correct way to do it?

No, there is no problem with your merging procedure -- except that it is
**terribly** inefficient.  The whole point of using CVS is to allow multiple
programmers to checkout, modify, and commit files.  It seems to me you've
got an administrator wasting an awful lot of time doing unnecessary work,
when he could be spending his time doing something much more useful.

The right way to use CVS (or any revision control system for that matter) is
to make each programmer responsible for merging his or her own changes.  I
can think of no good reason to use such a complicated and wasteful merging

- Dennis

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