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Re: CVS files merging procedure

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: CVS files merging procedure
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:43:06 -0500
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abhay mehta wrote:
> Sir,
(side note: "Sir" is an old-fashioned salutation, which is generally
frowned upon these days because it excludes women - just thought you
should know.)

> Based on feedback from Jim, Russ Sherk and others, we reviewed our
> SCM  plan. However based on our requirements, we need an
> Administrator/  Reviewer  to review the code before it goes to
> repository.
> This is very much required as we have number of programmers, who
> don't  know the whole system and so the implications/ side-effects of
> their  changes in other part of the system.

You still need to modify your engineering practises. This is not an SCM
problem, it is a software engineering problem.

No one person can ever completely understand a system. Furthermore, what
will you do when this person leaves the company? You're screwed.

This is why you write unit tests. When programmers make their changes,
they run the tests. If the tests pass, they check in their code. If the
tests fail, the programmers go back and fix up what they just broke.

If the tests pass, but the programmer has still introduced a problem,
then your first task is to fix the tests so they are more comprehensive.

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