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Re: CVS Lock Files

From: Arno Schuring
Subject: Re: CVS Lock Files
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 19:15:13 +0200

In the mean time, I could modify my shell script to do a combo on 'find' :
find ..../cvs/ -name *lock* && -ctime? I'll look for any locks older than a certain number of days. However, the problem is that our Builds are automated and at 2 a.m. I'm not here watching them to call or stop the person who caused the problem and if the builds are successful, the tagging must go on.

If you are absolutely sure no people are working on the repository at 2am, you could consider removing all locks at 1:55 or even in the same cron script before the build starts. But be aware of the problems when someone eventually decides that 2:00 am is a perfectly sound time to checkin new sources... (taking into account timezone shifts and the like).


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