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CVS Lock Files

From: S I
Subject: CVS Lock Files
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:00:48 -0700


I've setup a cronjob on our unix server to run nightly to clean up CVS lock files before my build and before tagging CVS. A user using Tortoise accidentally caused certain folders in the repository to lock up during my build (about 3x's in 1 week) and tagging took about 600 minutes (pending) to complete until I manually removed the offensive "#cvs.*.*" files on the server side and we cleaned up her Windows PC of any cvs.lock.tmp or cvs.lock.folder pattern files and folders. We seem to be OK now since I deleted the files.

During my research I've found out that there're PERHAPS 3 ways files COULD be locked up UNINTENTIONALLY (NOT executing cvs admin -l):

1. Multiple users concurrently doing checkout, commit, or update.

2. Tagging?

3. And by means of an IDE such as IntelliJ or Eclipse?

Do you see anything wrong or dangerous with my unix script below?


# Delete lock debris on cvs

find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.lock*" -print | xargs rm -fdr
find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.lock.*" -print | xargs rm -f
find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.rfl.*" -print | xargs rm -f
find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.wfl.*" -print | xargs rm -f
find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.pfl.*" -print | xargs rm -f
find /usr/local/cvs -name "#cvs.tfl.*" -print | xargs rm -f
find /usr/local/cvs -name "cvsloc" -print | xargs rm -fdr

Thank you


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