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$Name$ causes files to be locally modified

From: Jorgensen, Steven
Subject: $Name$ causes files to be locally modified
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 16:08:34 -0600

        I am having a problem with the $Name$ keyword expansion.  We use a cvs tag to indicate when a file has moved beyond local testing stage, and is ready for general use by all developers (a release tag if you will) so that we can automate a update and build process to keep a working development version of our software compiled for all developers.  So this tag is not permanently attached to a single revision, rather it moves as files get modified and tested by individual developers and released for use by other developers.

        The problem I'm having is when people use the $Name$ keyword in their file.  In this tree of "released" software, it causes any file that contains a $Name$ keyword to be in a "Locally Modified" state when it is checked out.  Where the only difference in the file is the fact that $Name$ is now filled out.  The next time around we run an update on one of these files that changes, produces a conflict on the $Name$ line.    For example:


const char *tag = "$Name$";

Becomes on the next revision.

<<<<<<<< Myheader.h
Const char *tag = "$Name: releasetag $";
Const char *tag = "$Name: $";
>>>>>>>> 1.2

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?  On all the other keyword expansions $Id$, $Header$, etc, the keyword is expanded, but the file's status is "Up-to-date".

Thanks for any help.


Steven Jorgensen

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