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Cron process to schedule CVS check in as another user ???

From: jason
Subject: Cron process to schedule CVS check in as another user ???
Date: 22 Jun 2005 13:39:32 -0700
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Good Day.

Off the wall question.

We would like to version PLSQL code, but we don't want the repository
to be updated until code has successfully been compiled and deployed to
the DB.

We are likely doing this in an atiquated an backwards approach - mainly
due to artificial restrictions and limitations, due to very high
security in this shop.

Our crazy design has developers copying the file they want to deploy
into a holding directory that will be read by a secured DB processes
that will compile and deploy it to the DB. If successful, the file is
flagged as 'good'. At that point, the design asks that a cron or deamon
process (as a common user) CVS check in the that 'good' source into the
CVS repository.

Granted, as I write this code - I realize it's backwards, but here are
my questions:

1. is it possible to check in code as common user telling it to use
another for CVS history and logs?
2. Can a common user cd to the developers working CVS directories and
even do a check in?
3. I'm not really a Unix expert, what's the best way to run a script as
another Unix user ? we are an HPUX 11 shop. 

Thanks in Advance.

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