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RE: Working on sources in parallel

From: Rod Macpherson
Subject: RE: Working on sources in parallel
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:09:41 -0700

CVS automation kicked in for you. It recognized a concurrent change and
instructed you to update your local copy before checking in the changes.
Updating before checking in is a sound policy that avoids those errors.
Allows you to do a local integration test prior to checking in. 

You just had a demonstration of why you don't have to worry about
concurrent updates: CVS let you know that you need to update
automatically. Updating is what does the merge. You can then check in
assuming there are no conflicts. CVS automatically detects conflicts; no

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Subject: Working on sources in parallel


just recently we had the problem that two people had checked out the 
same module and were working on it independently. When the second one 
committed his sources again, CVS reported an error (I can't reproduce it

100% here, sorry) about the sources not being up-to-date.

However, I thought that would be exactly what CVS takes care of, in fact

making sure that noone has to bother about who else has checked out a 
version and modifies it, and merges all changes together when committing

it back.

I haven't seen anything about this issue in the info pages either.

Am I missing something?

Matthias Kaeppler
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