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RE: Working on sources in parallel

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: RE: Working on sources in parallel
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 13:13:54 -0400

This is intentional by CVS. So here's the scenario

Person1 & Person2 working on file1.c and hence have
a copy of the file in their respective sandbox.

Person1 checks-in file1.c, updating the repository copy.
Person2 checks in file1.c, CVS complains "Your file is 
out of date" (or the like).

Person2 has to do a "cvs up" first to get Person1's changes
in his sandbox copy; then Person2 can commit.

Without this check, Person2 will overwrite Person1's changes.


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>Subject: Working on sources in parallel
>just recently we had the problem that two people had checked out the 
>same module and were working on it independently. When the second one 
>committed his sources again, CVS reported an error (I can't 
>reproduce it 
>100% here, sorry) about the sources not being up-to-date.
>However, I thought that would be exactly what CVS takes care 
>of, in fact 
>making sure that noone has to bother about who else has checked out a 
>version and modifies it, and merges all changes together when 
>it back.
>I haven't seen anything about this issue in the info pages either.
>Am I missing something?
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