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Question about CVS-SSH

From: Huaer XC
Subject: Question about CVS-SSH
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 14:23:03 -0400

Dear CVS users:

I am a newbie in this field. And I am trying to setup CVS on a Linux
Mandrake server, and maintain my codes through SSH by different PCs
including Win-XP and Linux system. (I followed a instruction on the
following link:

Now I did the following things in my server. 
1) I have setup CVSROOT in my account "/home/cvs", and a repository
named "ABC" has been imported.
2) then I generate public key authentication for the cvs account by
    ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t dsa
3) copy /root/.ssh/ into the directory ""/home/cvs/.ssh2"
4) generate ".ssh2/authorization", and put the following two lines
into the file:
    Options command="/usr/bin/cvs server",no-x11-forwarding

At the remote workstation with Debian Linux system,  I did the following:
1) in .cshrc, add the following two lines 
   setenv CVS_RSH ssh
   setenv CVSROOT :ext:address@hidden:/home/cvs
2) Copy "" from the server and put it in the ".ssh2" directory.
3) echo "idkey id_dsa" > ~/.ssh2/identification

After I re-login to the remote workstation, and run:
    cve checkout ABC
It return the following error info: 
    cvs [checkout aborted]: Cannot check out files into the repository itself

Please help what I was doing wrong in the above steps, and please give
me more suggestions if possible, many thanks.


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