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waiting for user's lock

From: Courier
Subject: waiting for user's lock
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 18:58:51 -0500 (EST)
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Hello All,

I need some help on cvs acting up on my cvs server. Here is what happening:

My users are just doing cvs diff or cvs log or cvs update, then they got
back cvs error: waiting for builder's lock and cvs server tell exactly
where is cvs PATH file that cause problems. The file name like:
#cvs.wfl.stein.29903, stein is cvs server name, 29903 is the process id.

One of my developer did ps -ef on cvs server and found this:

#ps -ef | grep cvs
29903 ?        D      3:33 cvs -f --allow-root=/cvs/cvsroot/Repository

So we are looking into D on ps and thinking that may be I/O problems?
or even network cause cvs system slow down?

But what I need from you is: does cvs cause problem or some thing else?

My cvs server is Redhat9.0 with cvs version from redhat: cvs-1.11.2-13.
Also all other build servers we have is P4 1.2 GHZ, but cvs server is :
dual Xeon P4. Not sure that help, but i throw it out there just in case
some one may ask.

I did search older archive and found some responded back from Larry about
LockDir may be some where else. We do not have LockDir. Cvs server does
lock by itself.

Can some one help?



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