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Re: Tagging

From: Erik Cumps
Subject: Re: Tagging
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 12:00:25 +0100

Lstag is a tool that I've written for this purpose. It can show a list
of all known tags for a module or all files and revisions tagged
with a certain tag.

'lstag -l' will show all known tags
'lstag TAG' will show files and revision for tag TAG

Please note that lstag needs a checked out module to work with,
It cannot operate directly on the repository.

I've attached the latest revision (1.2) of lstag.


How to get the different tags for a particular module.
I have tagged my module1 with a tag Rel_1_0_21_01_2004.Later I made
modifications in the module files Then tagged again with Tag
Now suppose user X want see the different tags for my module. How user x
can know that how many tags(Revisions) I have made for my module.I hope
the problem is clear.Is there any cvs command for that if yes, how can I
do that ?

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