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Re: CVS pedantic when doing merges

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: CVS pedantic when doing merges
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:10:41 -0800

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>> At 4:07 AM -0500 2/12/04, m0llbuz_  wrote:
>> >I also get weird conflicts during merges where the diffs are exactly the 
>> >same.
>> >
>> ><<<<<
>> >foo
>> >=====
>> >foo
>> >>>>>>
>> I've seen this too.  Are there white space differences?  Or were the 
>> two lines adde in different branches?  Or are you doing multiple 
>> merges from the base of a branch (without a bookmark)?

>I have examined the diffs closely and no white spaces differ. In one example
>there were no white spaces at all, like in the above example. No carriage

This is typical when a merge has been repeated between two branches, and
the diff was migrated during an earlier merge.  To avoid this, pick a
common ancestor after the first merge.  We've discussed this recently in
this forum; tag the results of every merge and use these tags to identify
the common ancestor for the next merge.

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